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Town Hall FAQ’s


Q: When will we see a demo of the BlueHornet platform?

A: The Product team will schedule two BlueHornet and ME (Marketing Execution) platform demos soon – one for the Americas region and one for the International region. Everyone is welcome to join and we will have a Q&A session following the demos. You will receive an invite via email shortly.

Q: Going forward, how will the Senior Leadership Team ensure that the roadmap (how it helps achieving our overall business goals, who decides what to include, what problem it solves) increases in transparency, purpose and continues to evolve?

A: We take these concerns regarding the roadmap (and other product and R&D related topics) very seriously and the Senior Leadership Team is committed to increasing roadmap transparency. We are in the process of re-defining ourselves with a new brand, a new combined team and a new and improved platform. A concise vision and strategy will be the needed foundation in successfully developing a steady and clear product roadmap. The key success factors here are end-to-end ownership and responsibilities across teams, as well as transparent communication to achieve this globally shared goal.


Q: How do we effectively and confidently protect customer data while knowing what our responsibilities and obligations toward the customers are?

A: Data security is at the core of what we do and has been one of our biggest differentiators when selling TMA’s DMC and BlueHornet’s eMS. The Product and Development Teams are currently evaluating the right strategic steps to make sure we keep this core asset for our combined global platform going forward.


Q: How do we take this focus on security and imbue the value of “Trust” into what we do and apply it to our technical persona?

A: This is both a good question and a great overall recommendation to consider and have submitted this request to the brand team.


Q: After a customer signs on with us, how do we streamline the implementation process and make sure the support/consulting they require to be successful gets addressed?

A: We have already begun to examine how we can unify our customer facing processes, support model and user experiences to create a streamlined implementation process for customers.

Best in class standards and process (including component detail) will be developed with staff in the field and rolled out consistently around the globe—beginning the process of “normalizing” our customer experience – no matter what team the customer interacts with or where on the globe a customer is located.

The Client Success Team will set the standard in driving the package offerings The Sales Team will use on all new deals – based on product, deal size and customer sophistication.  This will be part of a broader effort to create one “sell book” for all sales and account managers around the globe to operate/sell from, in a unified and aligned manner.

Q: How are we going to address training going forward? There are good things around BlueHornet’s webinars, retraining and education all parts of the business should embrace.

A: A new training program will be required as we move forward and unite all of our teams and products around the world. This will likely include a learning management system that will ultimately tie into the product help menus and services—creating consistent information for our customers to gather deep product learning and information.

Technical/customer support ticket and product request information will be leveraged to help drive more relevant training materials and learning courses (as well as using those inputs to drive product development and roadmap decisions) as well.

Q: How are we going to improve customer support and what happens with open tickets? How will we be able to offer around the clock support to get resources needed –  no matter what time zone or geography a customer is located in?

A: As part of the process of combining ME and BlueHornet into one entity, as well as detaching ME from TDC, a brand new service portal will be stood up for customers and internal staff.  Customers can expect a better user experience, for both sides, with the new platform.  The new platform will also provide better visibility and automated escalation processes to avoid tickets stalling beyond SLA expectations.

In terms of technical/customer service SLA levels – we are currently reviewing these.  The goal is to ultimately provide 24/7 support and remove any barriers or frustrations our customers have using our products.  With this model, location of staff becomes less important, noting quality of support will only become more important (this includes providing region specific support where required, providing first-time-right answers and measuring experience through qualitative methods).

Q: With the various resources from Customer Service staying with the Aprimo group, what is the plan to train our ME customer support team?

A: In the new organization, BH and ME have a combined technical/customer support team of approximately 25 employees based in a variety of locations around the globe.  There are currently cross training efforts underway between ME and BH.

In regards to deliverability team staffing, we will retain US based deliverability staff, as well as an international team.  Where needed and justified, region specific support and expertise will be built.


Q: How will the Sales Team understand which of our products (BlueHornet or DMC) will be the right one to offer to a customer or prospect?

The integrated BH/ME sales and go-to-market model is currently underway. This model will leverage both solution options – BH and DMC. Until the integrated model is defined (end Q3/early Q4) we will continue working on our defined target accounts and markets.

Q: Will we continue to sell DMC as is or are there going to be developments with the BlueHornet solutions?  How will we present to customers and prospects? Will DMC be integrated with BlueHornet?

A: The plan is to develop one integrated platform solution. Until this will be available, we will continue to sell our existing products and solutions. The long term product integration/platform strategy and roadmap will be communicated to all employees in Q4.

Q: Is it possible to see a reference list of BlueHornet customers so that we do not cross over existing relationships?

A: Yes, this is planned and will happen as part of the sales operation set-up in the US that already started this month.

Q: How will Account Executives align to geographical or business verticals?

A: There are current sales teams for the key target markets/geographies (Areas). Within these sales teams, the territories are assigned to individual AE’s according to several criteria depending on the Area size and structure (one large country vs. multiple smaller countries). Industry-specific assignment is one possible model, but not the only viable one. More to come on this.


Q: Will we be unifying under one brand? Will we be moving away from different product names (DMC, DMP, TDI, BlueHornet etc.)?

A: One brand that encompasses the strengths of all of the teams who make up TMA/BlueHornet will be developed and launched. It will focus on who we are going to be moving into the future and how we are going to change the industry as it is today. Along with the brand, focus will be on a single set of values and a single voice that we will share with the all employees in the coming weeks.

The brands value of ‘simplicity’ will be jointly reflected by the brand itself and the naming strategy, as well as the product vision. The long term plan may eliminate the value of product names since we want to move away from product and move towards a platform. The long term brand name will equal the platform name, which will make it easier for customers to understand what the business offers.

Q: How will we address the website and SEO initiatives going forward? How will we ensure digital marketers will be able to find the business through organic search?

A: SEO and all inbound channels will be key drivers for the new brand and included in overall strategy. The key to strong SEO is developing great, continual content that is accessible to prospects on all devices. The Marketing Team is looking at content as one of the pieces to a strategically holistic approach from awareness to conversion – which will not only be directly beneficial for SEO efforts, but also for our customer and prospects to comprehend what we do, who we are and how we can solve their marketing issues. In sum we’ll be moving from an outbound focused strategy to an inbound focused marketing strategy, which will be built around strategic content and lead nurturing / scoring.

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