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NexGen Commerce Segments

Segment Smarter

BlueHornet has re-imagined segmentation with a powerfully intuitive experience designed for the way marketers want to work, in language your business understands.

Drag-and-drop segment creation using simple sentences, real-time data, integrated reporting, and a completely customizable interface make segmentation finally make sense.

Your IT team will love it. Our modern architecture and cloud-based platform mean easy integrations and the flexibility to adapt and scale as your data grows.

Quickly segment against product catalogs of any size-100s of 1000s of SKUs with multiple product variations and combinations.


Build segments using familiar sentence structures. No writing (or remembering) a single line of code: easy to create, easy to find, and easy to share across teams. Natural language segment descriptions eliminate guesswork and make it easy to combine segments into master segments everyone understands.


Segment counts display instantly as you build, ensuring precision and confidence the first time. We’re in the cloud, so your data is always fresh. The platform can ingest data as fast as you can provide it—1,000s of orders per second. Find your most valuable customers in 10 seconds or less—even when querying against hundreds of millions of records. New data, new systems? No problem. The modern, flexible data structure allows you to quickly update feeds when your data changes—via AWS Kinesis, eComm plug-ins, or our RESTful APIs.

Easily track segment membership daily, month over month, and year over year to optimize targeting.

Features Integrated Performance Tracking

Easy-to-read daily, monthly, and annual performance charts are updated automatically as new data arrives. Track purchasing behavior, trends, and segment performance for valuable insights to grow customer lifetime value and ROI.

Completely Customizable

Configure the interface to show only the data you need, organized the way you want it. Favorite and group the data and segments you use most for quick access. Customize attributes, fields, and filters to reflect how your brand talks and your business operates.

BlueHornet helps companies reach their email potential with a unique combination of enterprise-scale email marketing solutions and award-winning services. From emerging businesses to Fortune 500 companies, BlueHornet’s customers rely on our powerful, intuitive cloud-based software to implement highly-targeted lifecycle messaging programs that optimize email marketing ROI. Contact us for a demo today.

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