Boost Email Program Success
By Julie Graham / May 13, 2016

Boost Email Program Success With a 1:1 Coaching Session at The SD AMA Cause Conference 2016

Are you looking to upgrade your email program? Have questions you need answered or problems that need fixing? BlueHornet is here to help! In just a few days, we’ll be heading to the San Diego American Marketing Association’s 2016 Cause Conference, learning about the most cutting edge and effective marketing strategies for charitable organizations today. BlueHornet will be there to share our email expertise and provide attendees with practical advice you can use to improve your program’s performance.

Stop our booth to schedule a 1:1 complimentary email optimization session with Hornet email experts, Dan and Josh – just look for the BlueHornet 😉

Ready . . . Set . . . Receive!
To get the most from your one-on-one coaching session, spend a little time assessing your email program before you get to the event – where are the gaps, what are the opportunities for improvement? What are the key objectives of your email program? How well is it meeting those goals? What metrics are you measuring? How are you doing against the KPIs you’ve set in place? What would you like to be doing that you’re not?

In our experience, we’ve found that most digital marketers face similar email challenges, regardless of organization size or the level of program sophistication. So don’t be shy! Come share all the gory details (believe it, we’ve all been there) and we’ll work with you to build a plan for success.

We can help you:

• Grow your list
• Take a mobile first approach to ensure emails render effectively and beautifully on smartphones and tablets
• Determine ideal send frequency and cadence
• Optimize your email program initiatives through A|B testing
• Get into the inbox – learn the art and science of deliverability (it’s complicated!)
• Move past batch-and-blast to segmentation and personalization
• Keep your database clean
• Improve opens, clicks and click through rates
• Build lifecycle programs to increase engagement and conversions
• Implement triggered emails – “set it and forget it” makes life easy!
• Manage dynamic content
• Measure email program performance – know which metrics to watch
• And anything else email related you want to talk about!

Stop by the BlueHornet booth and let’s get to work on your program! Don’t forget to pick up one of our rad water bottles and enter in our raffle to win Beats by Dre headphones! We look forward to connecting with you at the 2016 Cause Conference.

See you in Mission Valley!

SD's AMA Cause Conference

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