Coaches Corner: Meet John
By Julie Graham / February 17, 2016

Our office is buzzing (pun intended) as BlueHornet prepares for MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 in Las Vegas, Feb. 22nd – 24th. All of our events are a labor of love, but MarketingSherpa Summit is something special for BlueHornet every year. This unique event, designed by marketers for marketers, is packed with educational opportunities to help marketers solve real-world problems and push the limits of their initiatives. Our team is stoked to be at the show for it all – in-booth demos, speaking, and giving 1:1 Coaching Clinics!

Between tweets, emails, and onsite prep, I am taking time to sit down with our Coaches to get a feel for what email means to them here at BlueHornet and what they are most excited about for their Coaching Clinics.

First up, meet John Bilderback, our resident HTML-loving, call-to-action creating, creative, email guru!

1:1 With John Bilderback

What is your role at BlueHornet?
I am the Director of Creative Services.  I do day-to-day design work for clients and BlueHornet, and manage a team of creative geniuses’.

What is your favorite part of your job? Creating great stories and great design. Being a designer, I love to get in and do creative work that is inspirational, that connects the story with some visual expression. I really enjoy that light bulb moment — when you’re working with a client, you hit the mark and that light bulb goes on, and you acknowledge that they are seeing it and they feel it come together. That is when things get exciting!

What about email gets you pumped?
Email is a great spring-board for creative, storytelling, and connecting with customers. It isn’t always about sales, coupons or discounts. It is a great way to connect the dots between a brand, their story, and their customers. It is fun, it can be fast, it should be personal.

How many years have you been coaching at Sherpa?
This will be my third year!

What do you look forward to the most when meeting 1:1 with attendees?
That light bulb moment again. In the clinics, you have just a few minutes to gather enough about a brand’s/team’s/marketer’s challenges or problems and then its boots to the street. That is when my design instincts, rendering experience, technical and HTML background are all applied. It’s almost a carnival of sound and motion in your mind. When you begin to lay it out to the person in front of you, expressing a clear “here is what I see and what I would do”, it’s almost brainstorming magic. And the attendees are genuinely good people — it’s fun to talk email, a common bond of love and hate.

Why do you recommend taking advantage of the Coaching Clinics?
Free advice! Seriously. It is a moment where you have the ear of someone who has day-to-day experience and expertise on a wide range of topics.  I might suggest that you sign up two or three times depending on the challenges you are facing.

Any advice for first timers? For repeat attendees?

  1. Be clear about what your issue and expectations are.
  2. List out your challenges, have a sample and be prepared to articulate the details.  Don’t be afraid to spell it all out. Spill the beans and enough of your secret sauce so your coach can give you real, applicable, relevant advice.
  3. Be open.  Some solutions might not be right on the tip of your coach’s tongue, they might take a moment to surface.
  4. Coaches might take a follow up.  Maybe there is a new piece of information or inspiration your coach wants to share with you after the show.  Sometimes those are lost in time if there is not a follow up.  I bring my business card, bring yours, let’s exchange.


Email Expert: John

John Bilderback Director, Creative Services

As a Director, Creative Services at BlueHornet, John Bilderback draws on his 15 years of digital design experience as he takes a consultative approach to helping clients realize their campaign goals. Throughout the collaboration, John balances aesthetics and functionality, while incorporating industry best practices to deliver email designs that get noticed. Before joining BlueHornet, John served as the Creative Director at SnowDog Web Development, the marketing & UI designer at Upturn Solutions, and as the web designer and production manager at Paz Design Group.

Coaching Clinic Topics Include: Creative & Design, Mobile Email, Branding

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