Coaches Corner: Meet Pilar
By Julie Graham / February 18, 2016

It’s Thursday after a holiday weekend, and if you’re like me, you’re ready to wrap up for the week and head to Sherpa! To get you excited too, let’s talk about Vegas. Now’s the time to get your “must see” sessions bookmarked and sign up for your Coaching Clinics. Yesterday we introduced you to one of our Coaches, John. If you’re needing a creative overhaul or a call-to-action testing strategy for an upcoming campaign, he’s your guy.

If you’re ready to tackle 1:1 marketing and get personal with your email program, meet Pilar Bower — addicted to optimization, testing, and killer email strategies, email mastermind!

1:1 With Pilar Bower

What is your role at BlueHornet?
I am Senior Manager, Customer Success. My role on the team is to provide BlueHornet’s clients with strategic recommendations, implementation roadmaps, and in some cases, content outlines and testing/optimization plans.

What is your favorite part of your job?
First and foremost, I am an email geek at heart. I love everything about email — coming up with a solid segmentation and content strategies, comparing performance year over year, and yes…even deliverability. I’ve been in the email space for over 8 years now and currently, my favorite part about my current job is the environment at BlueHornet.We’re all about email and I am surrounded by inspirational people that I can learn from every day, and also have fun with.

What about email gets you pumped?
There are so many things that go into successful email marketing, which keeps it interesting — problem solving, technical aspects, creative, analysis, and so much more. I love seeing a detailed plan executed well to not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations; that gives me a lot of satisfaction!

How many years have you been coaching at Sherpa?
I am a Sherpa veteran, but as a coach, I am a first timer. John is a pro, I’m excited to join him this year.

What do you look forward to the most when meeting 1:1 with attendees?
I enjoy meeting new people, and getting other people excited about email for the same reasons I am. Many people are intimidated by it, but it’s no scary beast to avoid. I can’t wait to share ideas based on my experience and ultimately help solve problems by giving realistic goals, tactics, and ways to measure progress.

Why do you recommend taking advantage of the Coaching Clinics?
The educational and speaking sessions are very valuable and actionable, but the Coaching Clinics are a way to get another layer of 1:1 guidance from industry experts specific to your brand and situation. Who could beat that?

Any advice for first timers? For repeat attendees?
Bring all your challenges! Sit down with multiple coaches to see where your priorities should be in alignment with your internal goals.

Email Expert: Pilar

Pilar Bower Senior Manager, Customer Success

Pilar has been involved in the email marketing industry for 8 years and digital media for over 10 years. Before joining BlueHornet she was part of the Cross Channel Marketing team at Red Door Interactive and led the Email/CRM strategy and execution for clients such as the California Avocado Commission, SKLZ, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. (Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes restaurants), Cricket Communications, and Thermador.

Coaching Clinic Topics Include: Conversion Optimization & Testing, Segmentation, and Personalization

Meet The Other Coaches: John Bilderback

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