Hello From The Inbox: A Digital Marketers Guide to Wow Factor Emails
By Julie Graham / September 6, 2016

Email marketers often ask themselves, “What’s the single most effective thing I can do to increase numbers fast?” A welcome email probably sounds like a no-brainer for ecommerce companies, but close to 70% of marketers are still not incorporating them into their customer acquisition program, even though welcome emails have 4x higher open rates and 5x higher click-through-rates than promotional mailings.

Once a customer accepts and enters into a committed email relationship with a brand, nurturing the relationship with value, respect and relevancy becomes top priority. But the gatekeeper of this relationship is the welcome email. The welcome email sets the stage for what a customer can expect from a brand – and what they expect is why they stay subscribed. What’s the secret sauce to building a relationship through welcome emails?

Set A Goal

Companies use welcome emails as a valuable opportunity to guide the subscriber into their world and into their solutions. The opportunities with a welcome email are endless: from setting expectations to educating new subscribers, introducing loyalty programs, highlighting service and product features and providing additional discounts and offers, the welcome email can be more than a friendly greeting. By starting a conversation based on actions like social media connection, downloading valuable content, using a discount code or other interactive elements like video, companies are able to increase the value of the email relationship for the subscriber. In fact, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in CTR (Forrester).

Personalize the Conversation

Personalized emails can improve click-through rates by as much as 14% and conversion rates by 10% or more. Personalization is critical for industries like ecommerce and customers have come to expect the relevancy and convenience of a personalized online experience. Companies have to decide what extent and what type of personalization makes sense for them: predictive personalization based on behavior and preferences, database segmentation, contextual messaging, location based personalization, navigational personalization and personalization based on third-party data all contribute to skyrocketing email ROI.

The Benefits of Automated, Real-Time Email

A new lead should be introduced to the world of the new brand they are following within 15 minutes of subscribing and opting in. In fact, according to Econsultancy research—64% of consumers expect a welcome email. Companies that use automation in their welcome email strategy know the value of striking when the iron’s hot – real time welcome emails had 10x the transaction and revenue rates per email than non-automated campaigns. Triggered campaigns generate 75% of email revenue and make the investment in sophisticated email capabilities worth every penny.

Crafting a Stellar Welcome Email Series

By sending a series of welcome emails, a company is able to create a more in-depth and focused conversation. In a recent study, findings show third and fourth welcome email series mailings outperform promotional mailings sent during that same period.

Do you need help creating a welcome email series for your brand? Or if you already have one – are you ready to fine tune your welcome email strategy? Get instant access to tools that will help you build, optimize and track your way to a flawless welcome email campaign in our free guide, “Hello from the inbox: A digital marketers guide to wow factor welcome emails.” Download here

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