Labor Day Email Campaigns that Really Work
By Julie Graham / September 2, 2016

If you’ve looked at your inbox recently, it might already be cluttered with Labor Day promotions, discounts and sales. As Labor Day is one of the biggest U.S. sale weekends, now is the time for digital marketers to rapidly grow their sales figures. But competition is fierce as companies vie for consumers’ Labor Day dollars. While many marketers start their Labor Day email campaigns in early August, statistics show that 20% of emails are sent on Labor Day, with the highest peak of Labor Day email volume on the Friday before the big holiday and 8.5% of emails being sent after the actual holiday.

Labor Day email marketing takes on many forms, but one thing’s for sure: People are expecting to save big! Offering rewards, promos, coupon codes, deals, free-shipping and product previews goes a long way. To give marketers some last minute inspiration, we’ve analyzed key success elements of 5 Labor Day emails to help seal the deal with minimal effort!

World Market Wins With Product Relevancy

World-Market Labor Day Email

While World Market offers multiple retail products like home and craft goods, they also offer a huge inventory of food and beverages. This email speaks to tailgating, parties, BBQ’s, picnics and all other celebrations around Labor Day, by offering a sale on beer, FREE chips and a promotion on picnic products. Relevancy is matched with a solid 30% discount and a sense of urgency as the offer is time sensitive, as well as the incentive to become a part of the loyalty program. This email doesn’t stop there. The footer of the email strategically inserts geo-targeting, reminding the recipient of where their closest World Market location is.

CheapOAir Stays True to Its Name

Cheap-O-Air Labor Day Email

CheapOAir offers a killer deal for their Labor Day promotion, immediately commanding the reader’s attention with the low price. The deal gains even more momentum with the urgency of a flash-sale and limited time offer. This email ensures that price is the selling point, not the destination. A prominent, action oriented button right under the promotion quickly commands attention and invites the recipient to follow through on the tempting offer. The email also adds extra pressure with the price-increase infographic, showing that the price will increase by 30% come Labor Day weekend.

Best Buy Knows Their Customers’ Buying Habits

best-buy labor day email

This email adds a patriotic color scheme and highlights a simple and straightforward message: There’s a sale, and it’s ending soon. The email isn’t a strong direct response piece, but Best Buy understands that their customer is interested in shopping around and getting the best deal, rather than purchasing a high-ticket item without research. The strategic use of various fonts and content blocks accentuates the different types of offers and discounts, their leading price match guarantee and members-only savings.

The Clymb Hits The Nail On the Head With Brand Imagery

The CLymb labor day email

This email makes our top 5 list for its simplicity, beauty and directness. The outdoor gear retailer gets a gold star for offering a killer promotion. In this case, a 90% off sale makes the email a shoo-in for clicks, as most shoppers will want to check if anything they want or need is available. The CTA is clear, prominent and at the top of the email, while the message has a nice, relevant tie-in to the holiday. However, one of the most appealing aspects of the message is the image, which emphasizes a Labor Day weekend activity and how the brand fits into the work-free day!

Sole Society Uses Strategic Segmentation

sole-society labor day email

This email from Sole Society opts to highlight a percentage discount. While numbers clearly convert well in marketing content, the debate between using dollar signs and discounts is something each company should test. The rule of thumb is to go for percentage discounts with higher ticket items, or to generally use the numbers that look like the better deal. Sole society scores extra points here for its effective use of segmentation. The viewer has the option to immediately click on the category of interest versus going to the main shop. This cuts out an extra step, but also sends back valuable data to the company. The company also has an aggressive re-marketing program in place, which serves product specific ads via ad and social networks based on the products viewed in the store.

Labor Day is right around the corner, but it’s definitely not too late to put together a special Labor Day email and surprise recipients with a wonderful offer. Remember to keep in mind that 85% of Labor Day email subject lines include some sort of promotion or sale and that free shipping offers tend to have the highest transaction rates. Even if your brand is not a retailer, consider putting together a patriotic message to help keep the brand at the top of mind.

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