Mapping the Consumer Journey with Quantifiable Creativity
By Sean Shoffstall / October 10, 2016

All marketers who attend the DMA &Then Conference strive to achieve the next click, impression, download, and if they’re lucky enough, a successful conversion through their digital outreach.

However, marketers are becoming ever more sophisticated and realize that “engagement” is more than impressions and clicks—it is about conversation and connection. Conversations, as we know from our day-to-day interactions in the world, are nuanced exchanges of ideas, and an opportunity for marketers to pick up on explicit and implicit inputs from consumers.

That said, the time and effort still spent on gaining impressions and clicks, often with the mindset that there is a constant need to deploy more email and communication to drive the numbers, can be overwhelming, but what happens when you remove some of the batch and blast emails, or quit mass sending altogether? Can sending less email really be more effective in delivering your messages and more powerful to your bottom line?

I will be leading a session at the &Then Conference entitled “Mapp the Customer Journey“ that will take a deep dive into the rapidly growing trend of Quantifiable Creativity in digital marketing, focusing on how it works and why we should care. During the discussion, I will share the eye-opening results that two top brands achieved by deploying the latest best practices and creative strategies guided by this philosophy. Most importantly, you will be provided with actionable and easy to implement steps to create a meaningful and engaging digital journey for your customer.

We at Mapp Digital like to think that the Quantifiable Creativity approach enables marketers to be the “smart friends” of consumers. Quantifiable Creativity is not just about the science, it is also the art that enables marketers to better direct their consumer outreach by connecting anonymous and known data from various sources over time. This heightened level of engagement lets us empathize with individuals and anticipate the right decorum and timing for crafting and delivering messages to them.

The forward thinking and efficiencies of the Quantifiable Creativity approach will enable you to spend less money on marketing while generating more engagement. However, this is not a magic bullet. It is a new way of thinking and requires patience, listening and persistence.

The benefits of employing the philosophy of Quantifiable Creativity to digital marketing among some of our clients have been impressive. We’ve seen them drive more in-store visits and achieve higher online shopping cart value. We’ve also seen them shorten the buying cycle by 32 percent in some cases and increase the advocacy of their brands.

The concept of Quantifiable Creativity is of great interest to Mapp Digital as one of the world’s largest independent digital marketing technology firms. Formed through the combination of BlueHornet Networks and the digital marketing-related applications business purchased from Teradata Corporation in July, our company has as its mission to help marketers reach their goals by providing the most design-driven technology, supported by our global team of in-house experts. We are currently working on the unification of our technology into a comprehensive customer engagement platform that will help B2B and B2C clients get to know their customers better over time, as well as on developing new marketing functionality that marketers demand – such as predictive analytics and strategic reporting.

Mapp is a Silver Sponsor of the DMA’s &Then Conference this week in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center. Stop by the booth to talk to our digital marketing experts as they share how marketers can achieve the shortest route to customer engagement by partnering with Mapp. Mapp Execs will be briefing the media onsite around our new brand as well as the recent launch of our highly anticipated 2016 Consumer Views of Email Marketing Whitepaper. We surveyed a panel of 1,700 consumers to better understand their perspectives on actions related to email marketing. Gain insights to email marketing benchmarks every marketer should know. Pick up some awesome free swag and rehydrate with some coconut water and green smoothies – plus everyone who stops by will be automatically entered in a giveaway where one lucky winner will walk home with an Amazon Echo. Looking forward to seeing you in LA at Mapp booth #T8!

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