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  • Email Authentication and Email Monitoring Tools

    The cornerstone of doing business on the internet is trust, and this user guide will explain how to verify that the emails you send are trustworthy as well as explain how to monitor fraudulent emails claiming to be from your domain. This user guide provides guidelines and recommendations for setting up your business’s domain authentication...

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  • Preventing the “Oops” – Email Success Toolkit

    The hurried pace and increased frequency of email sends during the holidays exponentially increases the risk of highly visible errors. Our email success toolkit will give you the tools you’ll need to help avoid the dreaded “oops.” Plan your email send from start to finish with our project brief Avoid common errors before you hit...

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  • Responsive Design for Mobile Email Toolkit

    Following our most popular webinar of 2013, we received requests for the working email code used during the presentation—our attendees spoke and we listened. We pulled together a toolkit so that you can learn and test putting together a responsive email. The toolkit includes: The “Responsive Design for Mobile Email Rendering” whitepaper (Updated Q3 2013)...

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