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Get the most out of your email marketing program with BlueHornet. You can use our platform in a self-service model to run a sophisticated, data-driven email-marketing program. If your team runs lean, we can provide full-service email marketing account management, creative and campaign execution, and strategic consulting. And if you fall somewhere in between, we can design an email marketing service package that gives you exactly what you need. However you use our services, you’ll get a results-oriented email marketing program that delivers increased ROI.

Client Services

Extend the capacity and expertise of your marketing department with your dedicated BlueHornet account team. Unlike other email marketing companies, our email channel experts are true partners who know your business and provide ongoing monitoring, support and recommendations. Together, we will ensure that your program stays on target and grows over time.


Online and in-app educational resources help you learn our email marketing platform quickly so you are up and running in no time. We offer weekly online education sessions and on-demand tutorial videos so you can continually refresh your skills and get updates on emerging functionality. At your request, we can create custom education sessions for your team for onsite or Web-Ex-based engagements.

Technical Support

Help is always available from our Technical Team. We’re on call 24x7x365 to give you the support you need.

Email Deliverability Management Services

We stay ahead of ever-evolving authentications, compliance checks and confirmations, as well as CAN-SPAM rules, so your emails get delivered. Real-time monitoring, in-app reporting, and monthly email deliverability reviews give you visibility into inbox performance. Our email marketing experts monitor delivery metrics, identify issues, engage with ISPs on your behalf, and provide recommendations for improved email deliverability. They manage authentication, inbound messages, and list hygiene, while continuously tracking:

  • Complaint Rates
  • Spamtrap Hits at Microsoft Domains
  • Hard and Soft Bounce Rates
  • Invalid and Open Rates
  • Domain Delivery Reports
  • Blacklists and Block Lists

Strategic & Professional Email Marketing Services

Take your email marketing program to the next level with our strategic and professional email marketing services. Whether you need to gear up for peak season, ramp up new staff or simply manage day-to-day email operations, our email experts can help.

Strategic Planning and Analysis

Advance program and channel performance with help from our strategy team. We can help you identify opportunities and drive growth with channel analysis, new program development, lifecycle message planning and more.

Email Creative

Improve customer engagement using our creative strategy recommendations and output. We balance industry-based best practices, your brand guidelines and our knowledge of performance metrics to provide everything you’d expect from a top-tier creative agency: Email Design, HTML coding, copywriting and more.

Email Marketing Campaign Execution

Meet deadlines and fill staffing gaps with our design and production team. From responsive coding for a single template to full-service email marketing campaign strategy and execution, we will design a comprehensive service offering that meets your needs.

Reporting & Insights

Take the guesswork out of decision-making—optimize and monetize your email marketing program based on the data. Our experts can create a series of performance dashboards that consolidate and analyze email’s robust tracking and metrics. These streamlined channel insights will save you time and help you demonstrate ROI.

Advanced Email Deliverability Management

Improve inbox placement with help from our delivery experts. Solve your specific inbox and email deliverability challenges so you can increase opportunities for visibility, drive conversions and grow revenue.

Unique Approach, Proven Process

Knowing your needs allows us to provide on-target guidance, direction and execution. Every consulting project includes thorough requirements gathering to establish expectations and improve program performance. Directional validation ensures the project stays on plan, on time, in scope and budget. Post-delivery reporting and analysis against project KPIs allows you to assess results and see the impact.

For long-term engagements, BlueHornet conducts monthly check-in meetings and quarterly business reviews with key stakeholders. Together we assess program performance and identify additional opportunities for email marketing program growth.


With intuitive technology and a winning support team, your email program will deliver results.

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