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Social Media Guide for Email Marketers

Today’s digital marketer has access to more delivery channels than ever before. As the number of options for reaching customers and prospects increases, questions arise: Which channels do you use when, with whom, and at what time? Organizations are creating new areas of ownership for these emerging channels—ones that may live within and outside of marketing departments. And too often, as a result, channel owners lack the time or the resources to collaborate, align activities, or establish shared goals.

This whitepaper is written by BlueHornet for email and digital marketers. Its purpose is to provide clarity about the symbiotic relationship between two of today’s most important digital marketing channels—social media and email. The document highlights:

  • The unique characteristics of each channel
  • How to determine which social media channels matter most to email marketers
  • Ways to bridge the “who owns social?” gap
  • Ways social media and email marketing can be used together

The paper also offers ideas for effective, integrated “social email” campaigns, providing options that range from must-have components to more complex, data-centric programs.

Download a PDF of the whitepaper below. We hope the information gives you fresh ideas for engaging customers and helps you enhance your email program.

Download the White paper
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