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Join BlueHornet customers who enjoy a 110:1 ROI on email spend

Grow revenue and ROI with cutting-edge, data-driven lifecycle messaging campaigns, regardless of the size of your business and marketing team. Our easy-to-use interface, advanced segmentation and campaign automation features help you quickly create and execute highly-relevant, personalized email campaigns.  Reporting and analytics provide key insights to identify your best customers and increase lifetime value.

Our Platform includes:


Advanced Segmentation Intelligence

Drag-and-drop segment building using simple sentences, real-time counts, and integrated performance tracking allow you to target with confidence, precision and ease.  The configurable interface can be customized to reflect your data structures and workflows for a completely intuitive experience.

Dynamic Asset Management

Streamline asset management with flexible tools from simple reusable dynamic content blocks to scripting for advanced conditional logic.

Campaign Automation

Manage all of your email marketing programs—promotional, triggered and transactional—in one integrated platform. Our campaign calendar, templates and widgets make it easy to create, implement and optimize your entire lifecycle messaging program from welcome to win-back.


BlueHornet offers turnkey integrations for CRM, ecommerce, personalization and remarketing that require little to no IT resources.  Need some customization? Use our open source REST and XMLRPC APIs.

Deliverability Management

BlueHornet integrates Return Path’s Inbox Monitor to help you track, diagnose and treat inboxing issues.

Email Testing and Optimization

Run A|B split tests, multivariate tests,  and use Return Path’s Inbox Preview for rendering tests by ISP, browser and device.

Reporting and Analytics

Optimize program performance with advanced analytics and data visualizations in our user-configurable dashboards. Message asset tagging enables tracking of every deployed asset, including content, promotions and creative.  We offer both standard operational and customized reporting.

  • Powerful, intuitive technology. Email marketing that delivers results. 
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What are your email program goals? Find out how BlueHornet can help you achieve them faster, better. Every step of the way, we make our 360º Support available to empower your team and foster success.

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